Just a May Update

Autumn – My favourite season of all four seasons. Cooler temperatures, earlier nights, beautiful yellow, orange, red and browns line streets and pathways… Sunsets seem more pretty too… To me at least.

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Just an April Update

I’ve been quite a piece of lazy over the past month, with many things being promised to be done (both for me, and those around me) that honestly, haven’t even been touched upon. Which is leading me into a slow panic…

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Just a March Update

Start of the next stage of education, thought I’d make some changes to my workspace… Nothing substantial, and just a simple update to my life for the month of March… Mainly for my own prosperity…

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My real beginning of twenty-twelve...

Back in Oz, and only experiencing the year of 2012 in Sydney almost one month after it began. Going to University this year and getting university plans set up over the past month has been quite a bit more stressful than I would have thought it was. Hopefully I’ve done everything correctly for the time being… Though apart from that, much of my time has been spent catching-up with friends and working to get my moneys back from Europe.

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Europe Trip 11-12 - When in Rome, do as the other tourists do!

Catching up on my Europe Posts… A bit of a chore to be honest… But being there three weeks ago means it’s still somewhat fresh but clearly beginning to miss a few bits and pieces…

To think tht just three weeks ago, I had some beautifully crisp weather with an unseasonably warm 5-15 degrees depending on where I was. And just a week after leaving, it plummets and transforms the place into a winter nightmare. And it forces the closure of a number of ancient attractions…

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Europe Trip 11-12 - Within Benelux, but without the lux...

After a week in Paris with my New Years Eve comrades, it was time to part ways, some for Germany, others for various other parts of France. For me, it was off to the Benelux region, (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxombourg, but no Luxombourg…)

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Europe Trip 11-12 - Bonne Année in Paris

Bonne Année once again!
This post is a little late to go up, but heck, who’s ever on time with things these days?

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Europe Trip 11-12 - Hong Kong Stopover

La bonne année!!! from Paris!
Arrived here three days ago, but for the four days before that, I had a stopover in “Asia’s World City” of Hong Kong. My first time overseas that’s not Shanghai or Beijing. So it was nice to explore a city other than Australia, and not exactly ‘China’.

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Quay - 06.12.2011

Quay is an Australian restaurant that boasts a top “Three Hat” ranking by the “Good Food Guide” for 10 years consecutively, as well as having won “Best Restaurant” and more recently “Chef of the Year” (Peter Gilmore) down here. None of us had ever been to a “Three Hat” restaurant before, nor have we spent $250~ for a single dinner… Not many would, seeing it as ‘just food’ but for us, ‘life is food’, and so, this was quite an experience for us…
So, after three months of waiting, and quarter of a grand poorer, my sister, my old Food Tech buddy Nick, and another friend Gaby payed a trip to the “26th best restaurant in the world“.

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Personal Note - Pre-Exam Ramble

In less than 18 hours, I will be among thousands in this state, beginning the first of our final High School exams.

Oh, the joy…

Where many have had their head down in a book for the most part of the last two weeks, I have not. The seeming amount of stress and effort many of my fellow schoolmates have been going through, I seem to be having none of that. Which really worries me… The fact I have found the time to even write this blog post, just hours before the start of an exam that will most probably decide my future… I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I am.

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