Buildings of the Shanghai World Expo 2010

Yes, these are incredibly late, in fact, the World Expo closes on the 31st of October (tomorrow) but, better late then never? Well anyway, back in May 2010, I went and saw the Shanghai World Expo 2010 for two days, and spent half of my time there waiting in lines to enter pavilions. So, here are the photos of some of the beautiful buildings of the Expo 2010. It’s a shame most of them are being demolished/dismantled once the Expo’s over…

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China 2010 – Shopping, Sampling and Sight-seeing in Shanghai – 25-29.05.2010

So, as I get ready to leave the big city of Shanghai, for my smaller city of Sydney, I spent the last few days just doing some simple things… Nothing to taxing on my age…

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China 2010 - My Days at World Expo 2010 - 20-21.05.10

A bit late, but there was a lot to sort through, and little time.

So, I spent two days at the World Expo 2010 being held in Shanghai, and here’s what I did there, and what we visited…
Photos of certain buildings at the expo are available here.

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China 2010 – Nanjing-ing – 23-24.05.10

So, the past two days, I spent my time in a neighbouring city of Shanghai known as Nanjing. The city is just another rapidly growing city, with many large projects either under construction, or near completion.

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China 2010 – Food and Guilin Road – 22.05.10

Because we went to the Expo on the 20th and 21st, and returning home late on the 19th, I am a bit behind on my photolog.
I also have a lot of Expo photos to sort out. I’ve uploaded what we did on the 20th, but the Expo photos will come later… There’s a lot to write about.

What you see here, is the corner of Yishan and Guilin Roads. A small-ish, local shopping district, close to where I’m staying.
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China 2010 – Pudong is a good Bund-ing experience – 19.05.10

A quick visit to the Pudong New Financial Area, known as Lujiazui.

We also took a quick visit to Nanjing Road, as well as The Bund.

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China 2010 – Going Broke – 18.05.10

Today’s weather was pretty bad… Annoyingly humid, and… foggy? It’s like when it’s supposed to rain, but the rain evaporates before the it reaches the going? It was only 23 degrees celcius I think, but wow…

And, I bought my DSLR today. Phew… I’m pretty much broke now… I haven’t had a real chance to play around with it yet, but once we go World Expo-ing…

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China 2010 – Getting Acquainted – 16-17.05.10

Only just managed to gain access to the internet. For some reason, my laptop doesn’t like Chinese Ethernet Cables? And so… I’m using my uncle’s computer.

Days One and Two of my 2010 trip to China, the first day, essentially just the flight to. Planes are so boring…

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I want an SWFC Bottle Opener!

Note that this was a post from my blog at an older location: Posted July 28 2008

The Shanghai World Financial Center, (SWFC) a building that stands 492 metres high, it is the world’s third tallest building located in China’s largest city, Shanghai. (Taipei 101 is second, and the Burj Dubai is first even though it is still under construction) Like the Taipei 101, it too, also has 101 floors but falls short 17 metres in height because of 101’s spire. The adjacent Jin Mao Tower is the world’s sixth tallest building and stands at 421 metres and has 88 storeys. Construction of the SWFC started in 1997 but the developers (Mori Building Corporation) were hit by the Asian Financial Crisis and construction didn’t resume again, until 2003.

Circumstances were different in 1997, as the initial design was to have a 460 metre high building with 95 storeys, which upon completion, would have been the tallest building in the world. The architects, Kohn Pedersen Fox, had to come up with a new design to rival Tapei 101. The solution was to add 6 extra floors to the building, but that could not have been achieved, as the foundations that had already been placed were only built to hold a 95 storey building. Their solution was simple, and used the same, modular design, as used in the World Trade Centers that once stood in New York City. Essentaily, they’d have a series of 12 storey buildings stacked on top of each other. More problems aroused when a newspaper published an article about the initial design for circular void, and how the Japanese were making there mark on China. (Mori Building Co. being Japanese) KPF’s solution was to create a trapezoidal void instead and place a “hovering” observation deck through the void.

The SWFC was only completed about a week ago, although it’s interior is still yet to be completed. The official opening ceremony for the building I believe is to be early September, after Beijing’s Olympic Games. Once opened to the public, the building will have the highest public observation deck in the world at 474 metres high, while Taipei 101’s top floor is only 449 metres. Elevators that take you to various floors go at 10m/s and some run along the building’s edge. The SWFC is China’s tallest building, but Shanghai’s council and architects have plans for an even taller 580 metre tower called the Shanghai Center. Recently, the design was won by architects Gensler and their “Dragon” design. Construction of the Shanghai Center has already started and is foretasted to be completed by 2012.

Sources from “Skyscrapers” by Herbert Wright (Published by Parragon, 2008) and the documentary “Megastructures: Shanghai Super Tower”.